About us

Architectes Conseil International, based in Les Berges du Lac in Tunis, Tunisia, was founded in 2005 by architects Mohamed Ben Achour and Mohamed Salah Zlaoui. Its purpose is to consolidate all the export-related activities of its parent entity, the Bureau d'architectes Conseil, established in 1986.

We are a team composed of architects, urban planners, interior designers, and other administrative and technical professionals who provide and ensure the highest level of professional services.

We collaborate with a multidisciplinary network of consultants who are part of the design process and enable the management of integrated projects within the agency, allowing us to address our project as a whole.

We specialize in the planning and design of tourist resorts, real estate developments, and commercial properties.

Working for both private developers and government entities, our approach is rooted in seeking rational architecture that aligns with the client's requirements and the future use of the building. We utilize simple and proven design elements while tailoring clients' needs to local values and adapting them to existing infrastructure.

Our architecture aligns with a vision of sustainability and eco-efficiency, evident in our material selection and the functionality of building design.

 "Capitalizing on experiences and contextual knowledge, and utilizing materials to design simple, legible, and sustainable projects, a building should be unique while also incorporating reproducible systems that contribute to the economic performance of the project. Attention to perfection and care for detail lead to true project mastery."